We at Kennels So Lovely Bull's will try to explain throughout this page, the importance of well bred puppy.
Many adverts  state:
"For sale PURE BRED Baby Bulldogs ......... € 1000/1200 with payment facilities ........ etc.

Please beware this is a SCAM !!!!!

FOR US, PASSIONATES BREEDERS, It is quite unrealistic to provide a QUALITY,  healthy English bulldog puppy for the price!
WHY ......??
 Please read  the following .... THANK YOU!


The difference between a puppy LOF and not LOF.

For the uninitiated, the difference between a puppy LOF and a puppy not LOF is not difficult, perhaps impossible.
Under section 276.5 of the Rural Code, the Law of January 6, 1999, entry in the LOF is compulsory for a dog can legally be called PURE RACE (Race and Pure).
If it is not registered in the LOF, we must speak only type dog breed. It is therefore quite legitimate for a purebred dog (dog LOF) is much more expensive than a dog TYPE Race, crossed or appearance.

Indeed, the price of a baby BULLDOG, a breeder in France, is between 2000 and 3000 € ..... sometimes more.


Why so expensive?

The English Bulldog is one of the dogs the most expensive, if not the most expensive for reproduction in the English Bulldog is extremely difficult.
There is virtually no natural mating, or almost all marriages are made by insemination. The projections are often unsuccessful.
 Bulldogs puppies are born in most cases by c-section, many times a natural birth would be too risky for the mother and babies, but it happens.
The risk of mortality during the first 3 or 4 weeks of age puppies are important. The presence of the breeder is permanent (24H/24).
Puppies can not stay with their mothers: crashes are common. They are put into nursing every 2 hours, day and night.
All this explains the price of an English Bulldog.


What is the LOF?
The LOF, or Book of French origins, was created in 1885 by the founders of the Société Centrale Canine (SCC). It is a great book in which the origins are listed French Dog purebred.

The LOF provides several points to the buyer:

- The purity of the brood that is, the two parents are SAME RACE. 
- The breeders used are confirmed.
- Puppies are registered and that the entire scope is registered by the breeder to the SCC.
- The LOF is also sure to have a dog in the morphology, the type and character of the chosen race.

The LOF must be for you, YOUR GUARANTEE ............ YOUR QUALITY CRITERIA.

Choosing a baby English Bulldog pups is choosing a puppy that meets your expectations and standards set by the SCC. A LOF dog has a PEDIGREE.


What is the pedigree?

The pedigree is an official document (from the Book of Origins), issued by the CSC, with the genealogy and certify the accuracy of its origins. The pedigree includes the name of the farmer-producer, the dog's name, the name of his ancestors (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents). He also mentioned some peculiarities of color, genetic testing and the various qualifications obtained.

But beware, the Pedigree is only achieved after AT FINAL REGISTRATION LOF. In fact, a puppy is registered provisionally in the LOF and has only BIRTH CERTIFICATE ............... Clair in a temporary pedigree. So that his pedigree he is finally awarded, the puppy should be submitted necessarily an expert-confirmation or a judge specializing in race, when to dog shows national / international or scéance confirmation. The latter will certify that the puppy is well presented BREED STANDARD by signing the birth certificate.
The CSC will send the final pedigree after receipt of the birth certificate.



We want to thank you for reading through our explanations.
It was important for us to make this clarification. We hope these few lines will help you or assist you in the future to acquire
a baby Bulldog.
 Do not crack the first announcement animal, take time for reflection or return later to purchase.
Remember that you sign up for a period of 10 to 12 years with your Bulldog.


KENNEL "SO LOVELY BULL'S" proves his commitment and good faith:
We, English Bulldog Breeders under the affix "SO LOVELY BULL'S" commit ourselves to:
- Not to produce and raise only infants enrolled in the Book of French origins, while respecting the ethics and rules of this breed.
- We follow the guidelines of associations specialized race under our charge.
- To submit to the control of the Société Centrale Canine (CSC) and the Directorate of Veterinary Services of the Aveyron, all of our dogs.
- To make every effort to provide future teachers companions worthy of the name.

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